Engine Room Simulator

А modern Engine Room Simulator for training of marine engineers is available to students of Marine Engineering Department.

The simulator is equipped for 6 trainee and 1 instructor stations. The simulator meets the requirements of Bulgarian Executive Agency "Maritime Administration". The complex includes two training rooms,  a machine telegraph console and command screens. A separate room is provided for the instructor. The Engine Room Simulator is certified as class "C" in accordance with DNV.

Simulator Complex provides training to students of Marine Engineering Department in the following subjects:

  • Marine Power Plants
  • Marine Boilers
  • Trail of Marine Power Plants
  • Technical Operation of Marine Power Plants
  • Marine Hydraulic Machines
  • Marine Diesel Engines
  • Marine Steam and Gas Turbines
  • Marine Electrical Equipment
  • Heat Exchangers and Ship Service Systems
  • Engine Room Design

The simulator for marine engineers is equipped to be connected to the navigation simulator (Department of Navigation, Transport Management and Waterways Preservation ). Thus commands from trainee on "Bridge" can be send to the trainee on "Engine Room" and to carry feedback.