Research and Development Laboratory

"Heat Turbomachinery"

Specialists into Laboratory “Heat Turbomachinery” develop  projects for the industry:

  • research, manufacturing and repair mass and flow equipment for power engineering and transport power plants;
  • mass and flow balance of power plants;
  • renovations and modernization of steam turbine units;
  • renovations of auxiliary steam turbine units and auxiliary units and pumps;
  • turbine nozzles and blades manufacturing as well as components with complex geometrical shape using CNC machines
  • design and repair of heat turbomachinery;
  • numerical analysis of three dimensional flow in turbine stages with long blades;
  • axial forces calculation in turbine units at wide range of load;
  • temperature distribution, stress and deformation calculation into rotating and stationary components of heat turbomachinery.

Some of completed research projects:

  • Project 1080/92. “Rotating blades renovation of turbine rotor NGN-125”. Contractor: SOLVEY-SODI-Varna
  • Project 1076/92. “Working capabilities calculations of damaged turbine stage into flow path of unit BRT-25-4”. Contractor: Lukoil-Neftochim-Burgas
  • Project 1108/93. “Manufacturing and testing of centrifugal pump impellers”. Contractor: Jambolen-Jambol
  • Project 1161/94. “Renovation and modernization of turbine unit R-12-90/18 with wide range of load”. Contractor: Lukoil-Neftochim-Burgas
  • Project 1154/94. “Flow meter components manufacturing”. Contractor: VITALAKT-Varna
  • Project 1228/95. “Analysis of turbine rotor condition of unit NGN-125 and reconstruction capabilities estimation”. Contractor: DEVNIA-SODI
  • Project 1251/96. “Renovation and modernization of turbine stages of unit NGN-125”. Contractor: SOLVEY-SODI-Varna
  • Project 17/РТО/2000. “Renovation and modernization of turbine unit TG-6 LANG”. Contractor: Power station-Devnia



Manager: Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. Galina Ilieva

Professor D.Sc. Rumen Yosifov



Manager: Assoc.Prof. Ph.D. Galina Ilieva

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