Research and Development Laboratory

"Vibration control and Diagnostics of Machinery and Structures"

RDL "VDMS" offers solution to the following research and development and engineering tasks for the design and operation of machinery and equipment:
Static and dynamic linear and nonlinear structure analysis using the finite elements method:

  • determining the static stress and deformation response of structures due to the effect of external forces, kinematic displacements, thermal loads
  • determining the natural frequencies and vibratory modes of structures
  • determining the dynamic stress and deformation response of structures due to the effect of time-varying forces, kinematic displacements and earthquakes
  • determining the temperature fields in structures
  • determining the load capacity of structures using the method of linear summation of damage to materials caused by fatigue
  • optimization of structures

Experimental study of static and dynamic behavior of machinery and equipment, as well as noise radiated during operation:

  • vibration measurement of machinery, piping and equipment
  • modal analysis of structures
  • static and dynamic strain gauge measurement, torque, revolutions and power  measurements, torsional, axial and bending vibration measurements of rotating shafts
  • accelerated resource tests of elements of structures
  • measurement of noise

Vibration control and diagnostics:

  • periodic vibration control of machinery and equipment
  • technical diagnostics of machinery and equipment
  • identification of parameters of machinery and equipment
  • development of standards for permissible levels of vibration of pipelines and facilities
  • balancing of rotor machinery in their own supports
  • strained mounting of shaft lines

Shaftline bearing reactions measurement with Jack-Up test method
Development of technical solutions to improve vibration state of machinery and equipment and ensure their reliable operation.
Development of technical solutions to reduce noise levels in accommodation and service premises of ships, marine facilities, industrial enterprises and residential areas. Design of anti-noise complex.
Assessment of the current technical condition and remaining resource of machinery, pressure vessels, apparatus and piping.
Design and development of methods and means of reducing vibrations of pipelines and structures.
Assessment of the environmental impact in relation to vibration and noise.

For the period from 1995 to 2013, the team of RDL "Vibration control and Diagnostics of machinery and Structures" accomplished the following more important research and applied tasks:
European Research Projects

  • COMPRIS "Consorcium Operational Management Platform River Information Services" project under the 5th Framework Programme
  • SILENV „Ships oriented Innovative soLutions to rEduce Noise and Vibrations ” , project under the 7th Framework Programme

Industry Research Projects

"KOZLODUY" EAD Ltd. Nuclear Power Plant

  • Research of the vibration state and evaluation of resources of the main steam-lines in room 820 and engine room TG9 V block of "Kozloduy" NPP
  • Research of the vibration state and evaluation of resources of the main steam-lines in room 820 and engine room TG10 VI block of "Kozloduy" NPP
  • Design to reduce piping vibrations of oil lubricating bearing system operated in low turbine rotor speed
  • Identifying the reasons for increased vibrations of steam-lines and automatic stopper valves in some modes of operation of TG7
  • Research of the static and dynamic stresses of packs of blades of low pressure rotor in fifth and sixth blocks of "Kozloduy" NPP
  • Development of a methodology for controlling the state of packs of blades from IVth  and Vth levels of TG9 and TG10
  • Research and evaluation of the vibration state of pressure pipelines of channels from Safety SIstem-5, 6 TQ2 after installation of control valves 5,6 TQ-2S30
  • Producing viscoelastic dampers and anti-vibrators for pipelines
  • Design to reduce vibrations of oil pipelines in the regulation system of TG-9 and TG-10
  • Designs to reduce vibrations of Safety Systems 5,6 TQ 11, 21, 31; 5,6 TQ 12, 22, 32; TX system.


  • Evaluation of residual resources and development of measures to reduce the vibrations of piping system for high pressure (2500 bar) in production High Pressure Polyethylene
  • Reduction of vibrations of condensate system of the reactor of High Pressure Polyethylene
  • Design to reduce vibrations of the pipe system of a screw compressor from an installation for propane-butane liquefying


  • Reduction of vibrations of a newly-built gas pipeline Dy400 in the compressor station of underground gas chamber in Chiren
  • Producing viscose-elastic dampers for the gas pipeline
  • Research of the state of stress and deformations for parts of gas lines

FLOTSKI ARSENAL ship-repair yard,  Varna

  • Development of measures to eliminate the impact vibrations in shaft-lines gear-boxes of minesweeper ships
  • Numerical calculations for shaft-lines of newly-built and repaired vessels to develop a technology for their installation
  • Numerical calculations of stress and deformation of cars for carrying of ships to dry dock
  • Software system for static analysis of ships shaft-lines (for the needs of ship repairing)

BULYARD Shipbuilding Industry AD, Varna

  • Research of the state of stress of shaft-lines of a 29,000 t product carrier and 40,000 t bulk carrier, taking into account intermediate shaft deformations
  • Measuring shafting torque, power, torsional vibrations, as well as vibrations and noise in accommodation and service premises during sea trials of 43000 tdw bulk carriers, 22000 tdw bulk carriers, 56,000 tdw bulk carriers, 9600 tdw multipurpose vessels
  • Designs: shaft-line of 43000 tdw bulk carriers, installation of a main engine of 43 000 tdw bulk carriers and shaft-line of 56000 tdw bulk carriers, installation of a main engine of 56 000 tdw bulk carriers

SODI - Devnya

  • Modal analysis of turbine blades in order to assess the quality of mounting
  • Numerical calculation of static and dynamic state of stress of turbine blades and band of blades pack
  • Research of the state of stress and strain and evaluation of resources of the steam distributer of a calcinator

MARITSA EAST 2 Thermal power plant

  • Research of the causes of increased vibration in feeding pipelines and their bearing structure and development of a design to reduce them
  • Producing dampers for the pipelines

DEVNYA Thermal power plant

  • Evaluation of the remaining resource of the boiler drum No5


  • Research of the acoustic environment of a new build ships
  • Design to reduce noise in accommodation areas in the superstructure of a dry cargo vessels
  • Measuring shafting torque, power, torsional vibrations, as well as vibrations and noise in accommodation and service premises during sea trials
  • Design to reduce vibrations and noise in accommodation areas in the superstructure of 8000 tdw multi-purpose vessel

Software, standards and norms:

  • ANSYS Mechanical" software system of ANSYS Inc., USA
  • "LabVIEW" software system of National Instruments Inc., USA
  • “Cosmos/M” software system of Structural Research and Analysis Corporation Inc., USA
  • Specialized software system for control and diagnostics of shaft-lines (coordinated with the Bulgarian Register of Shipping)
  • ISO, DIN, VDI, BS, ENV, GOST and BDS standards of standardization of vibrations and noise of machinery, equipment and buildings

Hardware and instrumentation:

  • DAQ6062-E (500ksample/s) computerized system for data acquisition, National Instruments Inc., USA
  • strain-gauge equipment: 6-channel amplifying system of "HBM" Germany, 10-channel tenso-amplifying system of "Brüel&Kjær" Company, Denmark
  • system for telemetry measurement of torque and power of shafts "Torque Trak 10K" Biensfeld Engineering Inc., USA
  • 32-channel system for measuring vibrations NI cDAQ-9172, "National Instruments" Inc., USA
  • 4-channel wireless system for measuring vibrations and dynamical strain gauge measurements  WLS-9163/NI 9234, "National Instruments" Inc., USA
  • noise measuring equipment: of "Brüel&Kjær" company - precise sound analyzer type 2250, precise sound analyzer type type 2209
  • apparatus for measuring fluid pressure: static and pressure fluctuations
  • apparatus for measuring the reactions of bearings using the jack-up test method
  • stand for testing viscoelastic dampers


Manager: Assoc. Prof. Eng. Christo Pirovsky Ph.D.

Assoc. Prof. Eng. Hristo Draganchev, Ph.D
Assoc. Prof. Eng. Stefan Stefanov, Ph.D
Assistant Prof., Eng. Sevdalin Valchev
Eng. Svetlozar Yanev
Eng. Valentina Dimcheva



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